About me, Martha...

Hmmmm. Where to start and how much to put!?

Well, first of all I should probably mention my 'real life' name isn't Martha. Although I think a lot of people may have guessed that. I choose it as it feels sort of homely, safe and sugar coated, pretty much everything this blog isn't... ;) My real name is Tasha, doesn't have quite the same ring does it?!
Well I am 30, married to a really really wonderful man, to whom I count myself lucky everyday we found each other. Without sounding like a complete wet wash, frilly, pancy, I'm pretty sure he is my soul mate. Or you know, whatever, he's alright.

I have 4 beautiful, loving, funny, crazy daughters with my husband. Yes. 4. Yes. All girls. No we weren't trying for a boy.

This has come to define me in a lot of ways and I find myself being referred to as the 'one with alllll the girls'. But actually I love that.

It is fairly unusual, it isn't the norm, but in actual fact, having these 4 little blessings has helped me to start conversations I may never of had, meet people I would never have got to talk to, and, in a funny, kind of backwards way given me my identity. That sounds kind of strange, but I'll explain in a separate post.

I love writing, always have. I have been writing things on my phone for the past year just to get them out, as and when they pop up in head, and have taken the plunge this year to actually see if anyone enjoys reading my musings...

I love crafting but I'm not great at it, the same with baking, and drawing. I also love finding new and different stuff to get involved in, such as I am the 'face' of a hand printing company after entering a competition and somehow winning. I have done pregnancy sleep studies for a university and also did a pregnancy photo shoot for a photographer so he could use it to advertise on his site. Also walked on some hot coals for charity, as you do, and have started LOADS of businesses. I write for a local magazine and also appear on Mother Pukka's website which is just really cool!

All pretty random but I like to just get out and do 'stuff'!

Oh, I also run a vintage tea hire company, just for good measure.

I love a bargain, jumble sales, charity shops, doing up old furniture, poetry, paddle boarding, doing nothing and eating, a lot.

And as you'll see I love to start up new businesses. One day I'll buy my speed boat.


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