Monday, 20 July 2015

An open letter to Pinterest

We've had good times, great times, some of the best. 
But here's the thing.

I'm not quite sure how to say this, I need to break up with you. 

Wow. This is tougher than I thought.

Remember our Elsa themed party last summer?! You showed me how to erect a giant 'pin the carrot on Olaf'

You held my hand whilst I wrote 237 stickers saying 'melted snow' on bottles of water...

For a party of kids that couldn't read yet. 

Good times. 

You've been there for me Pinterest, 2am4am, any hour of my sleepless nights, I could count on you to show me a wooden pallet bench that only took 5 steps to make. 
It gave me a project, a focus. And we know I love one of those. 

All I needed was pallets, a hammer, nails, circular saw, sander, varnish, and, well my husband to do it..

It was going to be immense. 

I pinned it.

I pinned you.

I'd pin all of you, but I try to be selective, realistic, if you will. 

No! I loved your ideas on homemade guacamole, but come come my love, we both know my strong point isn't in the kitchen, silly Pinny! 

What's that? Homemade Gin and Tonic cake? Oh, go on then.


Your not making this easy for me you know. 

Yes, I now I've got 762 boards to think about first, and another 357 secret ones. 

I know they are our brain child, we built them together step by step, but they are saved on my app, I promise.
I'll never forget your cheeky little emails sent to me at lunch time with recommendations. They always made me smile, you little charmer. 

But look, it's not you, it's me. 

I have to break away, just for a little while, I promise. 

I need to come back to reality, I need to delve back into the real world and remember that I don't have a 700ft, pure white kitchen and I'm not a size 0, so that hot pant outfit I accidentally pinned 4 times isn't really going to work. (But thank you for reminding me I had pinned it already, your always there for me)

I need to step away from hobby craft. I'm getting stares.

I'm not sure how long I can keep convincing my husband that I have no money because the price of bread keeps rising and the children needed new shoes.

We both know it went on 'Mod Podge' and burlap. That nautical wreath was going to look epic in my bathroom.

I must spend my money on, food, because you know, I can't keep feeding my family beans whilst we run off together in a land filled of Instagram filters. 

I love you Pinterest, you brought out the crafter in me once more, and gave me hope I could be a first class makeup artist, hairdresser, chef, party host, jewellery maker, teacher and have the most organised and colour co-ordinated play room for my children, that would rival a Laura Ashley catalogue. 

But really, we both know I need to learn to sow first, and I should really tidy my house. 

Bye, Pinny, not forever, just for now. 

Until my husband feels I spend more time with him than you.

Cos' I guess that's kinda important.

Your devoted Pinner 

A Cornish Mum


  1. I laughed through the whole of this! I am just getting my head around Pinterest and I am seeing some of these things already! Brilliantly written beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you! My goodness once you have got your head around it, that's it..! There is no going back. I love it so much but seriously need to prioritise milk over sequins ;) xxx

  2. Ha, I love this post! I'm a huge pinterest fan, but to do all the things that I 'wish pin' I'd need to win the lottery...and build a huge purpose made house!
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely, Stevie xx

  3. Thank you Stevie! Now that's an idea, a purpose built house for Pinterest...that makes me far too over excited. Suffice to say the breakup hasn't lasted long and we were back on our pinning again last night. Typical.

    Thank you for having me on your great linky #PicknMix xxx

  4. Haha love this post! It does help you to get carried away and also feel a bit inadequate at the same time. Thanks for linking to #PickNmix

    1. Thank you for having me! Yes I often leave Pinterest feeling like my home needs a complete makeover! Some good tips but some so so confusing! However, Pinterest and I are back surprise!