Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Blogger Interview

So here you can delve a little into my history with blogging, what I'm hoping for and what my opinions are on a couple of areas!

I have been nominated by the lovely Jemma over at the rather fabulous Living Life Nottingham to answer the questions below. Here I go:

How did you get into blogging?

It was about 4 months ago, it feels like a lot longer though! It just happened that one day I was reading an article on Mother Pukka and for some reason I decided to send in one of the many pieces I had stored in the 'notes' section of my iPhone. I would just write them for fun when the moment took me. And so I sent it and the lovely Anna said she would like to publish it! I was completely shocked and couldn't even give links to a blog etc, so the next night I went and set one up! And that was that and hear I am now!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

Get on Twitter! I had never been a member but thought it was the best place to get to know some other like minded people and read other blogs. It's been great. Try and get yourself involved in conversations, but don't cross the line of being pushy! Read other people's work and take time to tell them if you enjoyed it, it's always nice to hear! Don't stress too much about the 'pretties' I suppose it depends on what your going for, but with me, I'm so busy with my 4 children that I don't have time to worry about lots of pictures and my font. I just write whatever comes into my mind, that I think others will enjoy, and post it. I don't want to resent sitting down to work on my blog so I have to prioritise and to me content is they key. Although I do get jealous seeing some peoples beautiful sites! Also try and get involved with bloggers asking for articles from guests. It's great to link up and open new doors.

How has your blog changed since you started writing it? 

Hmmm I'm not sure on this one as it's still so new! I think it's become more 'article' based rather than an account of day to day life, which is how I wanted it but I didn't think I would do it! I'm getting my flow to the way I write as well.

What would be your dream campaign? 

I'm all ears to any campaign, but I need to like and enjoy the concept or the product and think it would be helpful for people to see a review on it. I would love to work alongside a charity (which I'm starting to do with Domestic Violence UK) to use my platform for things I feel need pushing out into the public eye. Of course like many bloggers, working with any well known company would be amazing and a great opportunity, and something that I hope I could give a lot to. We will wait and see!

What advice would you give to PR's wanting to approach you for a campaign?

Just send a friendly email! I'm really open to ideas so as long as I think it's a good fit.

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Not really! I'm just seeing where this blogging journey will take me and will go with the flow of it. I have already got involved with some other great bloggers, some who have become like old friends and some that have just been so helpful. Also I hope to pop up on some other great websites and publications one day. I have just recently been on the front page of Mumsnet Bloggers Network which was just amazing and I'm in talks (well emails!) with another great site so we will just see how it goes!
I hope to have some more variety in what I write about, to enter different topics outside parenting, but there is so much to write about I'm not sure I will ever exhaust it!

What do you think about rankings?

I have no idea as I have never checked! I don't know if I would like to know this early on as it may effect my mojo ;) unless I'm top. Then I totally want to know about it!

So now I'll nominate....

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