Monday, 13 July 2015

Love/Hate Blogger Challange

I'm so pleased I have been nominated for this by the lovely Clare at  Sons Sand And Sauvignon as I'm intrigued myself what I'll come up with..

The challenge is simple, to list 10 things you love and 10 you hate.

And it gives readers a chance to see a bit more behind the blogger at the other end of the screen.

So here we go!

10 things I love

My husband and beautiful girls 


Eating a piece of chocolate followed quickly by a ready salted crisp. Yes. Seriously. 

The feeling and noise of turning a page over in a book when you have pressed down quite hard on your pen. It crinkles. 

Diaries and note books. 

My girls giving me hugs out of their own accord.


Music and dancing. 


     Baths that are far too hot  

10 things I hate

Feeling sick.

Soap operas. 

Dust in my children's bedrooms.

People who don't say thank you.

Unvarnished toenails (just my own!) 

Me with short hair. 



Having a list of unfinished tasks. 

                                                    Sitting in a dark room with the TV on.

There you go. Slightly random maybe, but honest! It's quite good fun thinking of all the things that float your boat.

So now I nominate these wonderful peeps....

Toni at GymBunnyMummy


Mama MKDPR at pooprainbows


  1. I too love festivals and hot baths but custard?!?! Great list lovely! xx

  2. Hahaha, yes, especially in donuts.... Xxx

  3. I have a slight notebook and diary addiction too ;) in fact most types of stationery, a paperchase sale gives me the shakes ;)

    Stevie x