PR Opportuinities

So, without presuming I will have a massive influx of followers after starting this, I am doing this little page to say 'Hi!' and if you have an idea, request etc. please do get in touch.

I am more than happy to work or write for charities, or help use this platform for causes that I believe need exposure. Please do message me with any ideas.


As I think most bloggers would say, I'm happy to review things that I like, interest my family or me or that I think could be useful or liked by others, I love to experiment and give an honest, helpful opinion that may help other parents. 

It would be lovely if charities or businesses alike, considered this blog as a platform, I have a great following on Twitter and use it daily, I'm also on Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, with more to be added soon.

My email is for any questions :)


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