What this blog is all about

This blog is everything that pops into my head.

Funny stories, more serious subjects, bargains I find, things I love, crafts I (attempt) to make, being great at parenting, being rubbish at it, fashion, beauty, (the relaxed kind, I'm more of a 'bed hair' kind of girl) and everything in between.

I would love this blog to give just one person inspiration to try something new, to see if you just put yourself out there, no matter in how small a way, it can open doors.

I would also love for this blog to give mums with close age gaps or a large family, a good old giggle. I know we are out there, us 'mass producers of human life', but I don't meet many, we must be spread out, like seeds or something!

I also wanted to start this blog to raise awareness of some great charities close to my heart, I'm hoping with some hard work, gate crashing conversations to make contacts, bugging blogging networks and maybe a bit too much posting of my blog pieces, I can spread the word for causes that will always need constant exposure.

I hope this blog is a place to come and read and not know what you might end up seeing, a bargain, a business idea, a helpful home tip or just someone you can relate to.

If it does that for one person, I'm happy!


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