Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Blogging world scares me.

I'm new to this, about 3 months in. 
I started off thinking I would just write my pieces, hope someone, anyone would enjoy reading them, and go from there. 
If something came from it eventually great, if not, I'm just enjoying being able to have somewhere, other than the 'notes' section on my iPhone, to store my ramblings. 

However, I soon realised there's a lot more to it. A hell of a lot more. 
I won't lie, it's made me want to pull out a couple of times already. 

The first thing I did was join Twitter. 
It's great, I love it. 
Nearly everyone has been really friendly, inviting and given me little hints and tips, not to mention the great opportunities I see cropping up on there. 
My following quickly grew in just over 8 weeks to over 1000 followers, I was astounded and grateful I had the chance to share my work with 'potentially' this many people. 

Then I started to gently tiptoe into the realms of blogging networks. This is where the brakes went on. 
After filling out form after form, and realising I didn't have half of the social media channels on the tick list, I suddenly felt pressure to be on every platform possible. 
I hadn't even heard of 4 of social outlets if I'm honest. 

Right, I thought, let's get on it like a car bonnet. 
I went about starting to set up my blog on everything from Pinterest to Google+. 

I started to get a headache, I started to resent slightly what I was doing, and questioning why I was doing it. I was tired, I had been running after 4 children all day, I had a great idea for a new post, but I told myself I needed to register to trial a free pack of kids biscuits. 

Do I want to become a successful blogger? 
Yes, if successful just means that people enjoy reading what I have to say. 

I am in no way knocking anyone who is on every platform available to man. 
In fact I'm taking my hat off to you. 
I can see how much work is involved. Between writing, Twitter, reading other people's work and emails, I barely have time to brush my teeth, let alone have 12 other channels of interaction to check. 

For me, I'm not ready yet to throw myself fully into the true blogging world. 

I'm not ready to treat my blog as a business. 
For now, I'm going to enjoy my blog and mines honeymoon period, where I smile when I look at it, in all its simplicity, and look forward to just filling it with every idea that pops into my mind, so that its spooling over with my thoughts and jokes. 
Not worrying if I have placed enough pictures and linked it in all the right places. 

My font may not match the whole way through, my word optimisation may register on page 1012 on Google, but it's mine, it's honest, it's funny (I hope) and it's there to hopefully open some doors and show other parents to just go out there and give things a try, in anything. 

In one post I wrote 'Saving for my speed boat, a mum with a million business ideas', I spoke about enjoying what you do, or you more than likely won't sustain it. 
To make sure you have enough time to dedicate to your project without it compromising your family life too much. 

To work hard and have fun. 

I've had to remind myself of these things this week. 
I will start to tentatively explore out of my comfort boundaries, but not yet. 

My blog and I aren't ready. 


  1. I'm so with you on that one!! You look at other bloggers and feel so... Behind! As if you're not doing it properly. Its unbelievable how overwhelming it can feel. Just popped over from Twitter and I love your blog, I'll be following :) and 1000 followers in eight weeks!? I thought I was doing well with 400; well done you! X

    1. Thanks so much Jemma, that's really lovely of you. Yes I totally feel behind! And that there are a million things I should get involved with...but I sort of don't want to?!
      I sort of wondered if there is any room left in blogger world, but then just remember why I started, because I love writing! I'm heading to your blog now! Xx

  2. I agree with Jemma, You need to be proud of your twitter followers for a start, so many other blogs say you need to know the person behind the blog and in some ways that is true, but you did that without anyone knowing a thing about you or your girlies! It is so overwhelming at first, I am still in that stage to some extent but I have kind of accepted I am always going to be behind people that started their blogs a year or so before me! Its like being in year 9 expecting to be as big and popular and clever as the year 11's. it isn't going to happen! your blog is fab and so are you! just remember that! xxx

    1. Clare, you lovely lady, thanks, that's lovely. I love that analogy of being in year 9! I totally remember that feeling, trying to keep up but be soooo cool at the same time! I think we are all bloody amazing, and if anything, I just love the chats and getting to know people from this. Xx