Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My protein shake diet test!

So, I'm totally doing it. 

I'm so in the zone I can't even see that unopened pack of chocolate digestives beaming its lustful glare in my direction. 

I'm so in the zone, I turned down a scone this morning at my friends house. THATS how serious I am. 

Nope I can't see those biscuits. Nope. 
Ok let's just put them in the bin. 

I am embarking upon a protein shake diet. 

I will say now, this is not product endorsed, not diet advice, and just off of my own back, I'm happy to share the brand (if it works!) although I'm pretty sure you could use any shake! 

So. Today is day 1. Got to start somewhere right? 
I have about 10lbs I want to loose. Now some may scoff at that, others hopefully will know, that those last 10lbs cling to you more than a child being dropped off at preschool. 

I just can't shift them. 

And it's really, really, stuff my face with donuts to console myself, frustrating. 
So I've done some research, bought my shake powder and I'm off! 

The idea is this, to drink two shakes a day, one for breakfast and one for dinner (I'm dreading that one) to have a normal lunch and healthy snacks. 

I have literally no idea if this will work. But I am prepared to be guinea pig for anyone else thinking about doing it. And will report back each week how it's going. 

I'm hoping by week 1 to have lost 9lbs. 
Ok 1-2lbs a weeks will suffice. 

I will be honest and say I will be doing no exercise to compliment this, although I know how totally healthy and great that would be. 
But frankly. I haven't got the time. 
The 30 day shred has sat in my drawer for over a year and I've never made it to day 2. 

So I'm doing this on diet alone. Besides running around after a toddler with a new found love of climbing on top of dinner tables and window sills is enough excersise isn't it? 

Wish me luck. 

Dunk that chocolate digestive and have one for me. 

Here I go, week 1. 


  1. 9lb in one week is so totally doable! Good luck though lovely! I promise I wont tweet you any pictures of my awful uhealthy diet material :) xx

    1. Noooo! No food porn is allowed! I have such a sweet tooth it will be tough. And no custard....xx